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To our investigation, bronze casting cost in our foundry equals rubber mold making cost in USA & UK, so you only need to pay rubber mold cost and you will get bronze casting, welding, chasing and patina works free of charge from us.

We established in 2002, we have fabricated monumental bronze sculptures as well as medium and small bronze sculptures for artists from USA, UK, Canada, France, Italy ect since establishment. Our quality are excellent, comparable to the top foundries in US and Europe, yet the price is much lower.

We use the "lost wax" casting method to form small and medium sculptures, which is regarded as the most precise casting method in existence. This method ensures that there is incredibly accurate and precise reproduction of the original sculpture, with all of the original, exquisite detail recaptured. And we use sand casting for monumental sculptures, the casting price including shipping for monumental bronze sculptures in our foundry is only 1/3 of the cost casting in USA and Europe.

If you are interested in making bronze sculptures, please do not hesitate to contact us , we will reply in 2 days.

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